Rather than setting New Year’s Resolutions (that you forget about by February), a lot of people are now choosing one word to focus on each year instead. This method is called The Word of the Year, and it’s the perfect way to keep your focus on what matters the most.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and it’s made a huge difference in my life. I thought it might be helpful to share some past words that have worked well for me.

Some of them were a phrase, rather than just one word, and some were for just a season, rather than for an entire year.

Speak Life


I walk in the strength of the Lord

2016 – Connect with JOY

Connect with Joy word of the year

My Word of the Year for 2017 was AUDACITY.

You can read why I chose it and how it affected my year HERE.

Hope (Joyful Expectation)

Meaningful Easter Gift for Adults and teens

Overwhelmed by GodOverwhelmed by GodOverwhelmed

I am overwhelmed by God handlettering


Read about why I chose this word HERE.

What I'm learning about productivity for Christian women


word of the year - Grace

One little word can make such a difference,
but only if you focus on it.

Some years I forgot what my word was after a couple of months, and other years I was able to stay focused on it all year. Want to know what made the difference?

I, along with 6 other women of faith will be revealing revealed our secrets to how to choose a word of the year and stay focused on it all year during the Word of the Year Workshop.

We held this workshop live in January of 2023, but all the info is still relevant today, so we are making the recordings available to you to use any year, any time of the year.

Word of the Year Workshop logo

Go HERE for more details on the Word of the Year Workshop.

Did you know that connecting
with God along with others

can be easy and fun and
bring clarity as we study God’s Word together?

This workshop includes prompts and exercises to help you discover & implement your word of the year.

It will include biblical teaching, steps to find your personal word for the year, testimonies from past Words of the Year, and ways to keep your word alive in your heart and before your eyes all year long.

Word of the Year Workshop
Fun, printable worksheets will be provided as well.
After registering, you’ll receive Pre-Workshop worksheets to help you prepare for the workshop.
It’s time to get serious about planning your year
and not just going with the flow. 
If you plan nothing you will achieve it every time!
It’s time to seek the Lord and
His plan for your 2023!

—>>> Comment below and let me know what your Word of the Year is!

What is your word of the year