If you’ve read my blog or any of my emails, you know that I’m ​always encouraging CREATIVITY.

But do you know why?

It is because creativity opens the doors of your heart…

  • to allow you to connect with God
  • to let love and compassion flow in
  • to make a way for ideas, insight, awareness and revelation to flow

So what does this have to do with the current chaos in the world?

Hang with me. I will try to explain below.

It has to do with left minded thinking vs. right minded thinking.

Left brain vs right brain

According to Lyn Lasneski, founder of Your Creative Genius

“Years and years of research into the field of brain lateralization (and neuroscience) has generated an excess of data leading to this conclusion: left brain functions (what I call Left Minded Thinking-LMT) is not only suited to analysis but also to judgement, critical spirit, stress, anxiety, time-consciousness, and fear.

While Right Minded Thinking (RMT) is noted for healing, wholeness, relaxation, intuition, insights, awareness and receptivity… ANY kind of Right Minded activity opens the doors of your heart for love and compassion and insight to flow in. Those who do not make a regular pilgrimage to the storehouse of the subconscious, creative heart are ill-prepared to deal with the issues, concerns, and problems encountered daily.”

What that means is that creativity is a way to calm the chaos.

Therefore, if you are trying to figure out what to do right now…

Maybe you don’t have work. Finances are really tight and you don’t know how you will pay the bills. Maybe you or one of your family members is sick. Perhaps you are stuck at home with the kids AND the husband.

Instead of taking a “passive role in the creative process, letting others be creative for us, find the solutions for us, while we just sit and watch… or watch TV or our computer screens, which only serve to fill us with even more fear, judgement, and blame…” (as Lyn says in THIS Facebook post)

Let us rise up for such a time as this and…


Every act of creativity is prophetic

I created card in the photo above almost one year ago.

I’ve always known that creativity was important, but I didn’t know all the reasons why…

Until I recently “ran into” Lyn Lasneski online. I have signed up for a couple of her challenges & courses and am learning so much! God is connecting the dots for me as to why He has had me so interested in creativity.

Lyn often quotes Einstein who said: 

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Lyn’s mission is to restore the sacred gift to it’s proper place, to train the rational mind to serve, to integrate both minds using powerful tools, and so to ignite a Renaissance Remix©.

On a recent Facebook post, Lyn wrote the following:

Your creativity skills are the best resource you have for dealing with the stressors of your constantly changing world. 

You can’t put the fire of fear out by pouring gasoline (more news and media) on it. To truly move beyond the fear and the “struggle to survive” into the unimaginable HOPE available to us… and it may be challenging… but you need to let go of old, familiar, habitual beliefs….

And go PLAY.

It doesn’t make any sense. Unless you’re a genius… then it makes perfect sense…..

hands holding gift box

We have been given the gift of creativity (Yes, YOU!) Let’s open it up and use it.

​That is why I am going to be sharing with you lots of opportunities to be creative in the next few weeks.

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I will be sharing new opportunities with you every week, but here’s some of my favorites to get you started:

If you want a really simple place to start, I recommend:

If you are interested in Bible Journaling, I recommend this FREE 10 Day Bible Journaling Course for Beginners.

If you want to be stretched a little and get BREAKTHROUGH, I encourage you to join me in taking THIS CHALLENGE hosted by Lyn Lasneski.

If you would like to use your creativity to start an online business and create passive income, get inspired by THIS BLOG POST. Contact me (via email or social media) if you are interested in learning more about this, as I am working on something to help you get started.

Let’s go play, and together we will change the world!



Can Calming the Chaos be this simple