UPDATE: I am no longer holding the monthly Delight in the Word Challenges, but am instead hosting a Monthly Mission – with a Faith Focus and an Art/Creativity Prompt. Learn more HERE.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I’ve been doing monthly Delight in the Word Challenges for a few years now. Sometimes I feel like we need more than a month to immerse ourselves in a particular topic. That is why this next Challenge is going to be longer than a month. It will include an Easter Bible reading plan and Scripture writing challenge.

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I’m so excited to share with you the Lamb of God Delight in the Word Challenge!

Learn all about what the Bible says about the Lamb of God,
from Genesis through Revelation.

This 5 week Bible study is a great way to prepare our hearts for Easter.

Along with the reading plan, for each new Delight in the Word challenge,
we always focus on one particular creative way to delight in the Word.

This month’s creative focus is SUPER-SIMPLE!

(So if you have not yet joined a challenge, this is the perfect one to start with.)

And if you are already using lots of creativity to delight in the Word,
you can totally customize this activity to be as simple or as creative as you like.

So what is the creative focus this month?

It is Scripture Writing!

The Lamb of God Delight in the Word Challenge includes not only an Easter Bible reading plan,
but also a Scripture WRITING plan.

Easter Bible Reading Plan

—>>> Click on the image above to download and save the Easter Bible reading plan.

Why Scripture Writing?

Psalm 1 says that “blessed” is the person whose delight is in
the law of the LORD. Writing out Scripture is such a simple,
easy way to “delight” in the Word of God.

Anyone one can do it. It only takes a few minutes,
and no perfection, skill or talent is needed.

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
that I might not sin against thee”. – Psalm 119:105

It has been proven that the simple act of writing something down
helps you remember it (or hide it in your heart.)

Plus, I find that when I write out a Scripture, I often notice words,
phrases or punctuation that I never even noticed before,
even if I have read that exact verse a dozen times.
And it can give that verse a whole new meaning to me.

If you are a visual or kinesthetic learner, like myself, you are
going to love Scripture writing!

There is just something about doing something with our hands,
and seeing it with our eyes, that helps things to “click” in our brains.

So there you have it!

Super-simple! Just read the day’s suggested
Bible verses, then write the suggested verse.

You can use any kind of paper, notebook, journal, pens and pencils that you already have.


To make it even more easy (and beautiful) for you…

I created the
Lamb of God Bible Study and Scripture Writing Journal
based on the Easter Bible Reading Plan!

Now available in Paperback, Printable or Digital versions!

The Lamb of God Journal includes bonus COLORING pages,
which you can print and color, or upload and color on your iPad.

Lamb of God coloring pages

Yes, I want the Lamb of God Journal (Printable & Digital Formats)!

For those who don’t want to mess with printing their own…

I also created a PAPERBACK version of the Scripture Writing Journal (which you can buy on Amazon HERE).

Lamb of God

Do you prefer to do your Bible Study on an iPad or other tablet?

You will LOVE the Digital version of the Lamb of God Journal!

Lamb of God digital Bible study journal

The Digital version is PDF file formatted for use on your iPad using GoodNotes, Noteshelf, Notability or other PDF annotation app.
  • Links to each week, home & bonus pages for easy navigation
  • Scripture references are linked to that chapter on the Bible app
  • Includes pre-cut stickers
  • Coloring pages at back of book + individual files to color in Procreate, Zinnia, Recolor or other coloring apps

See me demonstrate how I use it and learn How to Color In a Coloring Page Using Goodnotes HERE.

Watch THIS VIDEO to see how I printed and used the printable journal last year – and to see the journal and bonus items UP-CLOSE!

See the Scripture Writing Journal up-close

There is one page per day, plus one page for an end of the week summary. Just print out this journal, grab you a pen or pencil, and you are good to go.

Personally, I like to use different colored pens or glitter gel pens, but any pen or pencil you have will work just fine. I printed mine out 2 pages/sheet, punched holes and put them in a disc binder.

Scripture Writing Journal

Also, included with the journal are some bonus items:

Clipart/Stickers – Print on cardstock, then cut and paste
in your journal or in your Bible. Or print on clear sticker or label paper.
Then cut out and add to your journal pages, Bible journaling pages, or other projects.

• Word Art – Trace onto the margins of this journal or onto the
margins of your journaling Bible. Or print on cardstock and glue
onto journal cards to create your own Scripture memory cards.

• Scripture Art – Print, frame and hang in your home.
Or print at a reduced size, then use as tip-ins in your journaling Bible,
or use as Scripture memory cards.

• NEW!!! Coloring Pages – Print, color, frame, hang. Or print at a reduced size and use as postcards, tip-ins and more.

Easter Bible Reading plan coloring pages

CLICK the button below to Get the PRINTABLE and DIGITAL version.

Yes, I want the Lamb of God Journal (Printable & Digital Formats)!

or Get the Paperback version on Amazon HERE.

—>>> See details on the 3 different formats of the Lamb of God Bible Study and Scripture Writing Journal HERE!

Whether you use the Lamb of God Scripture Writing Journal or your own notebook,
I hope you join us for the Lamb of God Delight in the Word Challenge
and complete the Easter Bible reading plan.

Be sure to post pics of your Scripture writing pages and your biggest
“aha” moments in the Delight in the Word with JoDitt Facebook group,
so we can encourage one another and learn from each other.

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