The ZOO,
with all it’s wild, wacky and weird animals,
not to mention its beautiful flowers, lush greenery
and unique landscapes, is a great place to get
design inspiration, especially for surface pattern design

I recently had the opportunity to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo with my cute little niece and nephew. We had a blast!

A Day at the Zoo

That’s me with the big sunglasses; my daughter holding my nephew and my cute niece with the big yellow bows.

Watching the bear

My nephew was fascinated with the bears!

Striped Antelope

And I saw some animals I had never seen before, like these striped antelope.


Do flamingos only have 1 leg?

And what day at the zoo would be complete without elephants?

Here is a surface pattern design collection I created using inspiration from the Zoo.

Zoo Animals on Parade by JoDitt Designs

And here is some mockups to show how these patterns might look on infant bedding or in a nursery.

Zoo Animals on Parade Baby Nursery

This surface pattern design collection will debut at Surtex 2012 where I will be represented by A Fresh Bunch in booth #444.

What is YOUR favorite thing about the zoo?