The Bible says in Hebrews 10:24-25 (NIV):

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

Have you ever considered how you can do this? (To consider means to think about, decide, or keep in mind.)  To spur one another toward love and good deeds, or to encourage someone can a big impact in their life. I think often we don’t realize what a huge difference some small bit of encouragement can make in someone’s life. I know it has made a huge difference in my life!

no-matter-where I remember one day when I traveled 25 miles into town with my 2 preschool age children to attend a Bible study at a friends house. When I got there I discovered that somehow I had not gotten word, and the Bible study that morning had been rescheduled. I was so embarrassed and could not stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks.

My friend assured me it was not a big deal, but to me it was. I felt like if I was a strong Christian and had a close relationship with Jesus, that He would have told me about this and kept me from wasting time getting myself and my kids ready and making the trip to town.

But my friend was so kind. She invited me in and sent my children in the other room to play with her children. Then sat down and really listened to me. Then she spoke life to me and assured me that just because I didn’t know the Bible study for that morning was cancelled, that didn’t mean I was not a strong Christian, or that I was not in God’s will. She said, “Perhaps He knew you needed some one-on-one time and encouragement today.” Then she prayed for me.

[Tweet “I left there feeling encouraged, loved, humbled, and in awe of God’s sweetness towards me.”]

I have never forgotten my friend’s kindness and encouragement to me that day, and how much a difference that made in my life. There are many other stories I could tell about how an encouraging word helped me to keep going when I felt like quitting or how a small act of kindness reminded me how much God truly loves me.

That is why I am so passionate about showing kindness, encouraging one another, and spurring on others to do the same.

If you are wondering (or considering) how you can encourage a loved one, or even a stranger, or how you can spur a friend on toward love and good deeds, I’ve made a list of a few ways for you to consider.

However, before I get to the list, I want to encourage you not to just consider these ways, but to actually take action on some of them. In fact, I’ve found that a great way to spur one another on toward love and good deeds is with 3 little words… I DARE YOU.

I’ve divided my list up into Quick & Easy Ways and Go All Out Ways. And did you notice there are 52 ways to spur one another on toward love and good deeds? That’s one for every week of the year.

ways to encourage and spur one another on toward love and good deeds       ways to encourage and spur one another on toward love and good deeds

26 Quick & Easy Ways to Encourage and Spur One Another on Toward Love and Good Deeds

  1. in-my-heart» Send an Ecard (Email any encouragement Ecard to a friend or loved one.
  2. » Call someone just to tell them to have a good day
  3. » Leave an uplifting sticky note for a co-worker or family member
  4. » Speak life-giving, positive, uplifting words
  5. » Let the store manager know what great service you received from one of their employees
  6. » Acknowledge the positive changes you see in you see in a friend
  7. » Tell someone how they inspired you
  8. blessing-greeting-card-by-joditt

    Free printable greeting card to color available in my free printables library.

    » Send a ‘You’re a Blessing’ card to a friend – just because

  9. » Leave an encouraging song on a friend’s voicemail
  10. » Let someone know you are praying for them
  11. » Give a sincere compliment
  12. » Add humor to the conversation (keep it clean!)
  13. » Loan your favorite encouraging book
  14. » Remind a friend of who they are in Christ
  15. » Write a kind comment on a fellow blogger’s blog post
  16. » Send an encouraging text to a friend
  17. » Tell the janitor/maid/cleaning professional/maintenance worker that you appreciate them
  18. » Show appreciation to your pastor or music ministry leader
  19. » Be kind
  20. » Give a high five – congratulate someone on a job well done
  21. » Give a virtual high five by sharing, tweeting or mentioning someone online
  22. » Give a card to a friend who means the world to you
  23. » Smile and give a hug
  24. » Tell a family member you are proud of them
  25. » Thank them for something that is not normally praised
  26. » Invite someone to church or to a Bible study

26 Go All Out Ways to Encourage and Spur One Another on Toward Love and Good Deeds

hot-meal      dishes-done      free-babysitting

    1. » Forgive a loan (Remember how much God has forgiven you.)
    2. » Offer to bring them a hot meal (That brand new mom, that overwhelmed mom, that grieving family or the family struggling financially in your church? They will so appreciate this hot meal!)
    3. » Give a thoughtful & unexpected gift
    4. » Pay for lunch
    5. » Ask someone how they are doing and really listen (for hours if you need to)
    6. » Offer to do the dishes (For your family, for a friend with sick kids, for your mother-in-law, for that overwhelmed mom or care-giver, etc.)
    7. » Send flowers to your child’s teacher just to say “thanks.”
    8. » Surprise a loved one with a dazzling necklace with words of affirmation stamped on it
    9. » Mow your neighbor’s lawn, leaving behind a note thanking them for being great neighbors
    10. » Leave a Scripture Shareables card on the table with an extra-large tip for your waiter/waitress
    11. » Offer to babysit (for any mom EXCEPT for a new mom. For a brand new mom, offer to do her dishes or clean her house, or babysit her other kids, so that she can just sit and hold her baby without feeling guilty.)
    12. » Surprise a disheartened co-worker with new office supplies & decor
    13. » Visit a nursing home – set up a weekly time to read an encouraging book to one of the residents
    14. » Start a card ministry
    15. » Drop off a plate of your favorite baked goods at your nearest fire station, police station, your church staff and other places around town
    16. » Does your friend have a business? Recommend them to your friends, coworkers and family
    17. » Invite your new neighbor to dinner and a movie – introduce them to your group of friends, invite them to church
    18. » Invite a grieving friend to tea (and focus intently on their worries, thoughts & concerns)
    19. »  Host a Bible Journaling Girls Night Out
    20. » Schedule a bowling night with friends, and invite someone you know who might be dealing with depression and/or loneliness
    21. » Send a heartfelt handwritten note
    22. » Send care packages to new college students
    23. » Reach out to any friends who are under the weather – Send them a get well gift or a bouquet of flowers
    24. » Go grocery shopping for a new mom
    25. » Be transparent about your own struggles and share your testimony – it will give others hope
    26. » Become a mentor – share your heart with a younger version of yourself

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52 ways to encourage one another