I was so thrilled a few months ago when I discovered SmartCreativeWomen with Monica Lee.  Now whenever I have a few minutes to spare I head over to that website to watch one of Monica’s interviews with so many fabulous smart creative women. I love Monica’s interview style and I love that she asks all the questions the rest of us are dying to know but are not bold enough to ask. I have learned so much and have have gained so much insight from her interviews. Oh, and did I mention that all of Monica’s video interviews are totally FREE!!!

So when Monica announced her Smart Creative Style e-course, I knew it would be fabulous. Monica, along with a handful of other experts will help us discover our own style and create and/or define our own unique brand to help us stand out from the crowd.

Smart Creative Style

Smart Creative Style is a luxurious look at what makes you fabulous!
This course is designed to capture your essence, aesthetic and unique style. It is a course for any creative entrepreneur who wants to define or redefine their creative style.

Get all the details at http://smartcreativestyle.com