Do you love coloring, but have trouble trying to decide which colors to use on your coloring page? Do your finished coloring pages sometimes turn out not quite as great as you hoped? Would you like to create “frame-worthy” coloring pages? Would you like to eliminate the stress of choosing your colors and have a more delightful coloring experience?

If so, be sure to join my new class, How to Pick the Perfect Color Palette!

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In this class I share my secrets to choosing colors for your coloring page or other coloring project, including:

  • 6 reasons why choosing a color palette in advance will give you a more delightful and relaxing coloring experience
  • How to find and capture inspiration
  • How to use color to evoke emotions and communicate a deeper story
  • How to quickly and easily pick the perfect color palette, without using the color wheel
  • How to apply your color palette to your page for a finished product that makes you SMILE, and proud to share


How to pick the perfect color palette Skillshare class project

For your class project you will choose color palettes and apply them to the provided printable coloring pages (which are actully greeting cards that you can send).


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Loved this class!! I get stuck sometimes trying to pick out colors or look at my finished page and think it's missing something. I use a color wheel but that limits me to four colors. This class was super helpful! Great Job! - Samantha Gilstrap

Click the image below to watch my Introduction video.

How to Pick the perfect color palette intro video

After you complete the class project, be sure to share your project on Instagram with the hashtag#jodittdesigns and #shecolorstruth for a chance to be featured on the @shecolorstruth account and/or on my @jodittw account!


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How to pick the perfect color palette