As I shared in this post, I am joining 13 other women in the 14 Days of Bible Journaling Inspiration Blog Party. Each contributor was asked to share how we got started in Bible journaling and some of our favorite Bible journaling techniques.

In thinking about how long I have been doing Bible journaling and how I got started, I realized that I actually been combining creativity with God’s Word at a very young age. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was in 3rd grade and, even as a young girl I loved to make my own hand-made greeting cards and Christmas cards. It was very important to me to include a Scripture on each card.

Later I got into scrapbooking, graphic design, hand-lettering, and finally, Bible journaing. I took quite a nice trip down memory lane and realized that God began preparing me for my current calling and assignment years and years ago.

He put a special fondness in my heart for His Word. Then, throughout different seasons of my life He showed me, through experience, how powerful The Word can be to transform my life and other’s lives.

This is the reason that I fall more and more in love with The Word of God every day, and why I am so passionate about cultivating delight in The Word.

Click on the link below to read (and view pics) all about my Bible Journaling journey on Day 5 of the blog party:

Delighting in The Word through Bible Journaling – My Bible Journaling Journey