Have you ever planted a garden?

Many years ago I wanted to plant a vegetable garden. My husband warned me that it would be a lot of work. But I insisted that I could handle it.
So the first thing I had to do, after decided where to plant my garden, was to prepare the soil. The problem was, there was already stuff growing in the ground where I wanted to plant my garden.

So first, I had to get rid of all the “weeds.”

Then I could plan what kind of vegetables I wanted to plant.
I did a video HERE in which I walked you through getting rid of the weeds in your heart and mind, in preparation for sowing good seeds.
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The theme for this month’s Delight in the Word Challenge is: A TIME TO SOW

(You can learn more about my monthly Delight in the Word challenges HERE.)
I believe God gave the idea for this theme because the Kingdom of God is much like a garden.
The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground... – Mark 4:26-29
I explain it in greater detail on this Facebook live video
Below is the DITW Challege Calendar for May. Download the calendar HERE (link at bottom of page).
Each day has a suggestion for something you can sow.
You may also want to sow other things, depending on what you want growing in your life.
I created a printable to help you assess your life now, and determine what you actually want growing in your life moving forward. Download the “My Garden of Life” printable HERE. (link at bottom of page)
After completing your “Garden of Life” pages, then use them as a guide to start sowing the same kind of seeds as the things you want to have growing in your life.
I go into more detail on how to use the Garden of Life printable in THIS VIDEO.
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If you notice, I did not put daily Spriptures on the calendar for this month. That is because I want to challenge you to do your own word study on the word, “sow”.
To do a word study you can do one or more of the following:
  • Pray before you begin, asking Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you.
  • Look up that word in the dictionary (book or online).
  • Look up the definition in a Bible dictionary.
  • Look up synonyms and anyonyms
  • Do a search for the word you are going to study on Biblegateway.com or on the Bible app. Then read all the verses that contain that word. (Doing this alone is always so eye-opening to me to see how a word is used throughout the Bible.)
  • Pick out a few verses that contain that word and read the entire chapter so you understand the context.
  • Look up a few of the verses using blueletterbible.com and look up the meaning in the interlinear concordance.
  • Compile your notes and write out the biblical definition of the word based on your study.

(To learn more about how to do a Word Study, I highly recommend Bible Study Methods by Arabah Joy.)

In the video below, I talk about what it means to sow, and why sowing is important.

May Delight in the Word Challenge

To help you “sow” the Word of God in your heart, I created the Delight in the Word Club.

Delight in The Word Club

I created it for those who want to grow their own faith AND also encourage others in their faith.

When you join, (for $2/mo. or $10/mo) each month you will receive a whole bunch of pretty printables that coincide with the Delight in the Word Challenge. $10/mo. members also receive a video tutorial.

So this month, the printables will all be within the theme of sowing, gardening, flourishing, etc. They include things like coloring pages, Bible journaling templates, wall art, Scripture memory cards, journaling cards, greeting cards, bookmarks, and more.

And they are all created by me personally, so you know they are gonna be CUTE! 🙂

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