JULY Delight in the Word Challenge
– the theme is Rainbow: Colors of Promise.

July Delight in the Word Challenge

I’ve only given you 1 Scripture passage per week to give you plenty of time to get really creative with these verses.

I will try to do a live video on my Facebook page a couple times in July to offer a little teaching and insight on rainbows.


Rainbows are so beautiful! And I never see one without thinking of God’s promises.

If you are new to the DITW Monthly Challenges, here’s how to participate…

  1. Use the Scriptures listed as a starting point to delight in the Word.
  2. Then get creative using writing, lettering, doodling, Bible journaling, painting, coloring, etc.   —whatever will help you hide it in your heart and meditate on it the entire week.
  3. Take a pic and post it in my Delight in the Word with JoDitt Facebook group and/or on Instagram using #DITWchallenge.

Participating in the monthly DITW challenge will give you:

  • a starting point, to eliminate overwhelm and decision fatigue
  • motivation and inspiration
  • a reason to do it NOW
  • opportunity to fellowship with kindred spirits (Join my Delight in the Word with JoDitt FB group for this.)
  • JOY! 🙂

To get free printables related to this challenge, be sure to sign up using the form below (if you haven’t already) and/or join my Delight in the Word with JoDitt Facebook group.