Did you make any New Years Resolutions?

Or set any new goals for 2020?

My goal for the following months is to get the
Delight in the Word Challenge ready & sent out via email
a few days prior to the beginning of the month,
so that you have a little time to prepare.

In fact, I want to have everything ready about a
month or 2 prior to when it is due.

I want to work ahead, instead of always feeling like I am behind.
Can anyone else relate? (Please tell me I’m not alone.)

The LORD has been speaking to me lately about being “busy”.

I have noticed that, when asked “How have you been?”,
so many people, including me, respond with, “busy.”

It’s like we wear “busy” as a badge of honor.

I’m not sure why busy seems to be such a valued attribute in our society.
Maybe it is because we don’t want people to think we are lazy.

However, it is becoming clear to me that “busy” is
not the same thing as “productive.”

In fact, what God has shown me is,
being too busy can actually be a sign that
we are not being a good steward of our time…

according to Ephensians 5…

     Don’t waste your time on useless work, mere busywork…

     Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

This is one reason I am excited about the theme for DITW Challenge this month…


because I know that I sure need more wisdom,
especially as it relates to how I spend my time.

If you have participated in any past DITW Challenges, you will notice that this month’s is a little bit different.

—>>> Psst! If you are new to the Delight in the Word Challenges, you can sign up for FREE by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

First of all…
there are 2 pages – the actual Challenge calendar, and an Instruction page.

You will notice that instead of single Bible verses,
I have included an entire chapter.

The reason for this is to help you really tune your ear to the LORD,
and discover what “treasure” he has for you within that chapter.
It will be different for everyone, because we are all in different
seasons, and in different levels of intimacy with Jesus.

So what I challenge you to do is…

—>>> Begin by praying and asking God to speak to you
through His Word (I like to pray Psalm 119:18).

Then begin to read… until HE speaks.

In other words, read the chapter until a certain verse
or word is highlighted to you. Don’t overthink it!

When you are reading, if a certain phrase seems to
“jump off the page” or pierces your heart, or makes
you curious, wanting to dig deeper and learn more, etc….

well, that is God speaking to you, through His Word
– making the Word come alive
– changing it from “logos” (the written word) to
“rhema” (a word of revelation from God).

THIS is the goal of consuming the Bible
– to hear from God,
and then to communicate with Him about it.

If we read just to gain knowledge, we can become puffed up, prideful, and legalistic.

But, if we read, listening for God’s voice, that is what will transform our lives.

—>>> I did a Facebook Live Video on my Facebook Page HERE
in which I shared more about this process, gave some examples, and gave sneak peeks of some of the items that included in the Delight in the Word CLUB this month.
January Delight in the Word Challenge

After you have read until He speaks…

then you will take whaterver verse God highlighted to you
and then interact with it creatively.

In past challenges, it was up to you to figure out what type of
creative activity to complete for each verse.
And you are still welcome to do that.

But… if you are needing a little more guidance,
you can choose a creative activity from the list on page 2.

To make it easier to complete the creative activities,
I’ve created a printable kit for you that correlate
to this month’s challenge.

You can get the entire kit when you join the
Delight in the Word Club at $10/mo.

Or, you can purchase individual printables from
JoDitt Designs Digital Shop.

To further my pursuit of wisdom, this month I am also participatiing in The 31 Days of Wisdom Challenge

(that I paid to enroll in)
– going deep into the book of Proverbs
– With 31 Days of Mentoring From Some Of The Most Influential Minstry and Business Leaders In The Kingdom.

(The first 2 days have been SO AMAZING!
I can’t wait to try out reading the Bible in the POWERFUL way that Dan McCollam shared with us yesterday.
And it is so great to connect with other kingdom-minded people in the challenge FB group.)

The 31 Days of Wisdom Challenge is hosted by Pedro Adao, and he is having a different guest on each day. Guest speakers include some of my favorite leaders, along with a few I’ve never heard of before, but am excited to hear from, like:

  • Patricia King
  • Heidi Baker
  • Graham Cooke
  • Jennifer Allwood
  • Ray Edwards
  • Doug Addison
  • Jennifer Eivaz
  • Keith Ferrante
  • and many more!

Since I am a member of Pedro’s mentorship group, I am also an affiliate for this challenge.
I think they are still letting people in.
If you want to join us CLICK HERE.