I think we all love to receive gifts that make us feel like the person who gave it truly cares about us. But often times, when we are choosing gifts to give, we think about all kinds of other stuff.. like… how can I give the biggest, bestest, most extravagant, most expensive gift of all. Or maybe, if our budgets are tight, we think, how can I give the least expensive gift I can get away with? Or perhaps we think, I want to give them this gift because it is what I wish someone would give me.

But I think, deep down, we would all really love to give gifts that show that we truly care about the recipient. It’s just that it seems too hard, or too time-consuming, or too expensive.

Well, I’m here to tell you that giving gifts that show how much you care doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming or expensive.

It does, however, take a little bit of effort. But it is totally worth it!

how to choose a gift that shows you care

In order to give a person a gift that shows them that you truly care about them, first you must know what they care about, and what they like. If you actually listen and pay attention to someone, it is not hard to come up with ideas for gifts that they would like. It doesn’t have to complicated. Actually, sometimes it the simple things that can mean the most.

For instance, I heard about this guy who liked this girl. He wanted to give her a gift that would make her feel loved. So he asked her what her favorite color was. She told him it was orange. So he went out and bought a bunch of candy and stuff – that all had orange packaging – and put it in an orange basket with a big orange bow.

Do you think she liked it? Of course she did! She LOVED it! It made her feel like he really cared about her.

Gift giving can be a great way to show people how much you care about them… if your motivation is pure, and if you take the time figure out what they like.

Although I LOVE gifts containing Scripture, and I love to create and sell Christian gifts, sometimes giving an overtly Christian gift to someone can actually prove to them that you DON’T care about them. That is why I wrote a blog post on Why You Should NOT Give Gifts Containing Bible Verses. If you are in the habit of giving Christian gift to EVERYONE, I encourage you to read this blog post before proceeding.

I believe this is why God has led me to begin creating and selling more gift items that do not contain a Bible verse or that are not overtly “Christian.”

personalized gifts

When I first felt God leading me this way, I was a bit confused…

…because I have such a passion for the Word of God and have seen how it can transform lives.

This belief is why I created the Delight in the Word Devotional Coloring Book for Adults, and why I write blog posts and emails about this topic, why I create Scripture art, etc.

My entire focus for the past few years has been to help women DELIGHT in the Word of God. Because I know that, instead of reading/studying the Bible feeling like something we HAVE to do…  when we truly ENJOY reading and listening to and meditating on and studying and coloring and illustrating Scripture, etc… that is when we will be transformed.

But then God reminded me of many different instances in my life when I felt so loved and appreciated because of a gift I had received

— a gift that was my favorite color (pink), or pattern (floral), or style (cute, soft, whimsical) or shape (heart), etc. or that had my name on it.

personalized tote bags

Don’t you agree that hearing your name or seeing your name in print, catches your attention and makes you feel special?

It especially does for me because my name is so unique that, if something has my name on it, I know it had to be special ordered or hand made just for me.

All of these gifts I had received that God brought to my remembrance were not “Christian” and did not contain any Bible verses.

But they were gifts that touched my heart, because the giver truly paid attention to me and took the time to get to know me, and actually cared about what I liked (and how I spelled my name – It is spelled: JoDitt. The J and the D are capital. And there is no space in between.)

When I turned thirteen or fourteen, I invited some friends to my birthday party, but nobody came. I was not sad that I didn’t get any gifts, I was just sad that nobody cared about me. (It was all just a misunderstanding, but at the time, I bought into all the devil’s lies that nobody cared. And I wallowed in those emotions of feeling rejected and unliked.) I always felt loved by my parents, but I didn’t feel like people my own age liked me or that anybody would want to be my friend.

Little by little, God began delivering me from fear, rejection and self-pity, as I began renewing my mind with the Word of God.

It was many years later, when I was in my twenties, and was married with children, after God had done a lot of healing in my heart, that I got up the nerve to, once again, invite friends to my birthday party.

I invited a handful of friends from my small Bible study group to come have lunch with me at a restaurant. That may not seem like a big deal. I know most people do that all the time. However, for me it was a big deal. But this time I wasn’t afraid of being rejected. I knew that all these women that I invited were truly my friends and they would come if they could. I just wanted to have some fun with my friends on my birthday.

Well, they came, and we did have a great time!

There was only one friend who did not come. I was actually glad that she was not able to come, because that proved to myself that my heart was indeed healed… because I did not feel rejected or unloved by her. This was such a blessing from God!

And… God had another blessing in store for me. Later, the one friend who couldn’t come gave me a gift. It was a gift that showed she truly cared… because it combined so many of the things I liked (hearts, lace, flowers, pastel colors, etc.)  It was so… ME!lacy heart wall hanging

I wish I had a photo to show you. It was this cute little wall hanging in the shape of an open heart. It was made out of lace that had somehow been stiffened. And it had tiny pastel-colored ribbon roses glued all around it. It was just a small, inexpensive, possibly hand-made gift, but it meant A LOT to me!!!

It’s like the saying by Maya Angelou…

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

That incident was over 25 years ago, but I still remember how that gift made me feel.

My mom has always been so AWESOME at giving gifts that show she cares. My siblings and I never receive the same things for Christmas. Even to this day, our gifts are always tailored to OUR likes/dislikes, personalities, passions, etc – not to HERS. And we always feel so loved and valued.

So that is my why!

That is why I am filling JoDitt Designs Gift Shop with gift items in so many different colors and patterns and styles…

and why most of them can be personalized…

so that you can find something to make that special someone in your life feel… loved, appreciated, and valued… something that lets them know you truly care about them… something that makes them feel… SPECIAL!

Here’s a few ideas to get you started…

Give a person a gift in their favorite color, with their name on it. Always a hit!

Everyone can always use a tote bag, whether it is for carrying groceries, books, art & craft supplies or travel necessities. Make it special by giving them one in their favorite color – with their name on it.

Personalized gifts tote bags

Do they love to make lists and write notes? Give them a stylish notebook or journal in their favorite color, with their name on it.

Personalized notebooks and journals

Everyone loves photos of loved ones – especially grandparents!
There are so many ways you can give photos these days, besides just in a frame.
(Puzzles, serving trays, blankets, necklaces, etc.)

photo gifts

photo gifts

Most people also love calendars and planners. Personalize it with photos or by writing in birthdays and special dates.

Calendar gifts

personalized planners

Are they on their computer all the time? Give them a pretty mousepad, in their favorite colors, with their name or monogram on it.

personalized mouse pads

If you are looking for some particular color, pattern, style, etc. and don’t see it in my online shop, let me know and I will try to add it. You can comment below or make a post in my facebook group, “JoDitt Designs VIPs“.

In my facebook group, I hold polls to find out what you want me to create next, and I also post exclusive sales, discounts and freebies.

Now if you do have a friend that loves Jesus and is into Bible journaling, HERE are some great gift ideas for her.

If you prefer to DIY your own handmade gifts, check out Fruitful Creativity Studio for clipart, cut files, printables and more.