Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to creativity? Similar to how a writer gets writers block? I’m guessing your answer is yes because most of us have. That’s why I’d like to help you learn how to be more creative when you’re stuck. Now if your answer was “NO! I don’t get stuck because I’m never creative. I’m just not a creative person,” read THIS POST where I bust the myth that only some people are creative. Then read THIS ARTICLE, which confirms this fact in it’s opening statement:

If you think some people are just born that way (and you’re not one of them), think again. Experts say we all have a wellspring of creative energy. The secret is how to tap it.

So now that we are clear on the fact that we are all creative, let’s dig into how to tap into your creativity and how to be more creative when you’re stuck. My first tip is to avoid creativity killers. Some of the biggest creativity killers include: stress, exhaustion, discouragement, fear, and overwhelm. Sometimes these can’t be avoided though and that’s when creativity block sets in. I hadn’t really thought about this before until a fellow blogger reached out to me and asked me how I overcome creative block. She asked several other Christian bloggers the same question and compiled all our answers together into one lovely blog post over on her blog at EmbracingtheLovely.com.

So if you want to hear how 5 Christian bloggers overcome creative block, read the post now at EmbracingtheLovely.com. And while you are there, be sure to check out Lillian’s entire website because it is quite lovely! And she shares lots of really cute and creative ideas, like

how to be more creative