I am very much aware that we live in the land of the free, BECAUSE of the brave!

I am proud to be an American and even though America is not perfect, there is no other country in which I had rather live. And we definitely would not have the freedoms we enjoy today if it were not for all those who have served in the military. Veteran’s Day is coming up and I want to do my part to show honor and appreciation to all those who have served in any way in the United States military.

When choosing to volunteer, service members do much more than march off to war. They give up their personal autonomy on where they want to live and work. They willingly sacrifice holidays, birthdays and family milestones.They often sacrifice their personal passions and hobbies as many of the hours are unconventional. And perhaps most importantly, they must edure enormous strain on relationships, and leave memories behind every few years when their jobs require them to relocate.

Here are a few ways we can show honor and appreciation to our veterans:

  • Display an American flag
  • Pick up the tab for a veteran
  • Volunteer at a Veterans hospital
  • Offer help to a veteran you know
  • Write a letter to a veteran
  • Say thank you
  • Give veterans an opportunity to tell their story

I created the following designs to help you honor our veterans:

Graphic to share on social media:

Greeting card to color and send/give to a veteran:

Full color greeting card to print and give/send to a veteran:

These are all available to download for free inside my Free Printables Library. If you haven’t already joined, just fill in the form below and check your email for access instructions.