So, if you know me at all, or have read much of my blog posts or social media updates, you know that I’m all about hiding God’s Word in your heart. But not just memorizing Scripture— I want to encourage and inspire women to DELIGHT in God’s Word.

IMG_5906I love using the power of BEAUTY to help me delight in God’s Word and hide it in my heart.

For the past several weeks I have been sharing with you some pretty Scripture art wallpapers and lockscreens for your phone to help you delight in God’s Word every time you open your phone. (See previous blog posts.)

Today, I’ve got another strategy that also uses the power of beauty, as well as the power of writing/drawing, to help you DELIGHT in God’s Word and hide it in your heart.

Maybe there is a certain Scripture that God is using to speak to you and you want to remember it, but you can’t find any Scripture art that has been done on that Bible verse.

Or maybe you want to take advantage of the power of writing or drawing something to help you remember it, but you don’t know how to draw well.

Maybe you want to create some Scripture memory cards that are colorful and pretty, but you have no idea how to.

And I know some of you really prefer pen and paper to anything digital…

JDD_SpringFlorals_JournalCardsSo I created some pretty Bible Verse Memory Cards for you with lovely floral borders. I will be sending out 4 free designs to those on my list this week. If you have not signed up yet to receive FREE SCRIPTURE ART from me, simply fill in the form below.

Once you receive your printable Floral Journal Cards, just download the PDF file and save it to your computer. Then print it out on cardstock paper and cut out the cards.

Now just write the Bible verse you want to remember in the middle of the card.

That’s it! Now you have a beautiful custom Scripture memory card that was quick and easy to make.


TIP: Pick 1 or 2 words you want to emphasize. Write them bolder or in ALL CAPS or in a different color, etc. See samples below.


(The floral journal cards in the pic on the right are from my FLORAL JOURNAL CARDS SET and the chevron card is from my RAINBOW JOURNAL CARDS SET.)

Now, stick your pretty Scripture cards in your Bible, on your mirror, in your purse or in your planner.

  • Or use them as note cards to write a sweet note to a friend.
  • You can also use them for digital scrapbooking, including Project Life and other pocket scrapbooking systems.
    (You can read all about the Project Life system at
  • Or snap a pic of your Scripture card with your phone and then set it as your lockscreen

Just remember…

  • Have fun with it
  • Don’t compare yours with anyone else
  • The purpose is to help us hide God’s Word in our hearts
  • Don’t stress over mistakes (See pic below where I misspelled STRENGTH. It’s OK. I know what I meant to write. In fact, it may even help me remember this verse even better. 🙂 )



I thought no it would be fun to share our pretty Scripture cards in social media to help encourage and inspire each other. When you share, include hashtag #DelightingInGodsWord to make it easy for us to find them. You could also tag me in your post so I won’t miss it. I am @jodittw in Facebook and Instagram and @joditt in Twitter.