A few years ago, I had no idea that finding joy in the midst of trials was even possible. But through God’s gentle leading, I have discovered that it is not only possible, but it is God’s promise to us.

Can I ask you a question?

​This past year, were the majority of your days
predominantly 😊 JOYFUL?

Or predominantly 😰 STRESSFUL?

Is the rapidly-changing world making you feel hopeless
and confused?

Have you lost your peace?

When anger rises up within you,
do you know how to find JOY instead?

Are you struggling to hear the voice of God 
when everything else is so loud?

Do you know how to find JOY in the midst of trials?

What would you like every day of
the rest of this year to be like?

If you would like more JOY
even in the midst of stressful circumstances and situations,
I have good news for you!
😊 🎉 💗

You see…

I am learning how to
create an intimate connection with Holy Spirit
by awakening the right cerebral cortex of the brain,
which helps to connect with Jesus
—to easily see and hear Him.

And connecting with Jesus, (who is the JOY-giver,)
always fills me with JOY!

Would you like to know exactly HOW?

It starts with something easy and fun…


Creativity is the quickest way to activate the
right hemisphere of your brain

—which becomes the quickest path to God.

I want others to learn these KEYS that I have been learning –
so you too, can experience JOY that lasts

not just a few moments,

or a few days,

but EVERY day!

That is why, once again, I am collaborating with my friend,
Claudia Klann, and other creative inspirers to take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Are you ready to find joy that will
sustain you through trials and difficult situations?

You are invited join us for a F-R-E-E Online Workshop:


Your Creative Journey with Holy Spirit

beginning, MONDAY, APRIL 26TH.

The first LIVE session is at 11:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM Central / 2:30 PM Eastern

*NOTE: Even if you joined the Challenge we did a couple of months ago,
be sure to join again because…
There will be all new material, several new speakers,
fun bonuses, prizes, and it will be tons of fun!

On this creative journey you will…

  • Hear the Lord speak and know it’s Him
  • Learn what JOY and your Right Cerebral Cortex have in common
  • Discover the pathway to JOY, so you can find your way back when you need to
  • Be activated in a creative connection with Holy Spirit to discover the quickest path to JOY
  • Receive keys to unlock a JOY that is sustainable even in the midst of pain, confusion, and chaos
  • Grow in intimacy with the JOY-Giver

And even unlock your own creative journey!

Watch the video below of my interview with Claudia to learn more!

Interview with Claudia about Keys to Sustainable Joy Challenge

Great News: Finding Joy in the Midst of Trials Not That Tough

Even if you don’t consider yourself “spiritual.”

Even if you don’t consider yourself “creative.”

If you can, recognize your need for joy,
then you can follow the keys to unlock sustainable JOY.

All you need now is someone to show you the
proven formulas, the hidden structures
and the time-tested procedures.

Imagine Your New Life!

Imagine yourself waking up without dread,
completely aware of who you are in Christ.

Can you feel the happiness that comes from
knowing your joy can be sustained?

You don’t have to try to manufacture joy anymore.

Ready to Take That First Step Toward Sustainable Joy?

✅ Yes! I want FREE access to the Keys of Sustainable Joy! 

Join TODAY because…
This Journey Will Be Officially Starting
at 11:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM Central / 2:30 PM Eastern
On Monday, April 26th. 

Blessings on your Joy journey!