I am so excited about attending DeclaScreen shot 2015-07-15 at 12.30.19 PMre Conference this year in Dallas, Texas!!!

I’ve been wanting to attend at least one conference this year, mainly to connect with other creative, blogging, online-business building Christian entrepreneur type women. I have been researching and praying about which one to attend.

When I first discovered Declare, I immediately thought, this is it! This is the perfect conference for me because:


  1. I loved their theme – Beautiful Deep – and the heart of the women behind it.
  2. Dallas is only 2 hours from where I live.
  3. The ticket price is much less than some of the other conferences I am interested in.

However, I put this conference out of my mind because, unfortunately – they were SOLD OUT!

Plus, my husband’s high school reunion is that same weekend and we were thinking about going to that. But, a couple of weeks ago, we got a registration form in the mail for his reunion and I asked him if he still wanted to go and he said no.

Then, a couple of days later, I received an email from Declare Conference, notifying me that I was off the waiting list and could now purchase my ticket. WHAT??? I forgot that I had even registered for the waiting list.

BUT, I am so glad I did. I asked my husband and he was fine with me going. But he and I both preferred that I had someone to go with me. Plus, it would be better to split the hotel bill with someone.

So… in a matter of a few hours, I found 2 people (my sister, and a friend of a friend) who also wanted to go. I was able to get us tickets and book our hotel room.

Praise the LORD. God is so sweet!

I would love to connect with other ladies who are also attending Declare Conference this year, or who have attended in the past. Please comment below with your website, facebook page, twitter or instagram handle… wherever you prefer to connect. Hope to see you there!