I LOVE 💗 COLOR!!! (especially pink 😉)

Color makes everything more delightful, including my Bible study.

I cannot imagine a world without color. Neither can I imagine my Bible study without color.

Is your Bible study is a bit dull? Could it use a little more joy?
If so, I’ve got something for you that you are gonna love!

I recently created a video workshop in which I share:

7 Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Bible Study with Color.

7 Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Bible Study with Color
Since I am the author/artist of the Delight in the Word of God Coloring Books, you may think this workshop is all about coloring, (as in coloring books, coloring pages and coloring Bibles), but that is only the tip of the iceberg!
Coloring books for adults are popular because they are calming and help the mind release stress and anxiety.

But did you know that color itself can be therapeutic?

In this workshop you’ll learn how to incorporate color into your Bible study in a way that not only engages your mind but strengthens your heart as well.

How to Get Access to 7 Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Bible Study with Color

This video workshop is not available by itself. It can only be accessed inside the Explore God’s Word Collection.

I’m super excited to be part of the Explore God’s Word collection of workshops, a digital bundle of creative and unique Bible study methods that will re-vitalize the way you approach God’s word. 

Explore God's Word Collection Speakers

The Explore God’s Word collection was put together by Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista, co-founders of the Sojo Society, and includes video workshops from over a dozen beloved Bible teachers, creatives, and ministry leaders such as:
  • Abby Rike of Rock This
  • Allie Trumpower of Alliescraps
  • Sheryl Aeschliman from Simply Scripture
  • Dianna Mills with the Bible Quilt Journal
  • Jen Evangelista of Grace in Color
  • April Knight, founder of Scripture Doodles
  • Arabah Joy, co-founder of Sojo Academy
  • And yours truly!

The Explore God’s Word Collection is packed with practical workshops, printables, templates, and more. You really have to see it to believe it!


Check out the Explore God’s Word collection here!

Have you ever longed for a spiritual mentor in your life?

I have. I think we’d all love to have a godly woman sit down and show us how they study the Bible. Now imagine sitting down with not one, but over a dozen godly women, with years of ministry experience between them, who are all excited to share exactly how they study the Bible!

Grab your coffee mug and notebook, because that’s exactly what you’re invited to experience!  I’m honored to be among the the women asked to share their creative, unique, and proven ideas on how they get into the Word.

If you want fresh ways of diving into the Bible, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from these amazing women. 

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