Do you have trouble talking to God about your struggles and joys as a mom? Do you long to get God’s wisdom for raising your children? Me too. That’s why I created some tools to help us. I now have two Mother’s Prayer Journals for you to choose from. Keep reading to discover what they have in common and how they are different – so you can decide for yourself, which one is the best prayer journal for moms and grandmas.

One is titled, “Come, Color & Talk with Me” and the other is titled, “Prayer Journal for Moms & Grandmas.

Here are the covers.

              Prayer Journal for Moms and Grandmas.

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In my spiritual journey, I have discovered that prayer is not just telling God my list of requests, but it is having a two-way conversation with God. What he reveals to me during my prayer time is so powerful and life-changing. Even so, learning to slow down enough to listen is a skill I am still developing.

So I created these prayer journals as tools for myself, to help me pray with purpose for my own children and grandchildren. Maybe they can help you or a mom you know also.

Learn more and see inside Come, Color & Talk with Me in THIS video interview I did with Jolene Underwood.

What these two prayer journals have in common:

Full-page coloring pages are interspersed throughout the journal pages…

Plus, cute illustrations to color are included on every page. (Because coloring helps me to slow my mind down so I can connect with God’s heart easier.)

Coloring page in Prayer journal for moms

Since we enter God’s presence thanksgiving (see Psalm 100), each day begins with space to thank God.

Then I included a space for “Scripture for today” and daily prayer prompts to help me really focus in on eternal things and how I can walk in faith.

best prayer journal for moms

Nuture your soul while building up your spirit!

Both prayer journals feature:

  • Convenient 6×9″ size (fits easily in your purse or Bible cover)
  • Full-page Scripture art coloring pages
  • Lined pages opposite each coloring page for extra journaling space
  • A different theme each week

*Coloring is a fun way to reduce stress while meditating on Scripture!
NOTE: Colored pencils, gel pens or other types of dry media are recommended, as markers and watercolor paint may bleed through the pages.

Purposeful Prompts

  • 2-page daily spreads begin with gratitude and Scripture for today
  • Prompts are designed to make it easy to document the conversations you have with Jesus about yourself and your loved ones
  • Each page includes delightful artwork to color or enjoy as is
  • Different prompts each day keep you from getting in a rut
  • Includes a section to document Answered Prayers

Both prayer journals include original hand lettering and artwork by JoDitt in her signature whimsical style.

preview of pages in Prayer Journal for Moms

How these two prayer journals for moms are different:

Come, Color & Talk with Me has ONLY floral illustrations to color, while Prayer Journal for Moms & Grandmas has some floral illustrations, but also includes some cute animals, birds, butterflies, hearts, rainbows, crowns, and other fun objects to color.

Come, Color & Talk with Me is 145 pages long and has 11 coloring pages (one for every FIVE 2-page spread prayer journal pages), whereas Prayer Journal for Moms & Grandmas is 200 pages long and has 13 coloring pages (one for every SIX 2-page prayer spreads.)

The prayer prompts are the same in both books.

There are a few pages in both books that also have the same floral elements to color.

     Prayer Journal for Moms - back cover

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Here is what a few other moms have to say about my prayer journals:

This prayer journal is beautiful! The questions are thought provoking; the artwork fits with the study. JoDitt has prayerfully produced a prayer journal that will be an awesome gift for a praying mother or grandmother! – Debra N.

I can’t say enough about this journal. It has everything you’ll want to bless your mom, grandma or yourself – beautiful artwork, leading questions to help you journal about your loved ones, thought provoking scripture, and pages dedicated to allow you to just free journal your thoughts and blessings. – Tina R.

This Prayer Journal for Moms and Grandmas is amazing. JoDitt has done it again. She provided Scripture pages and beautiful art through out that you can color as you meditate on God’s Word and pray. Each day YOU write the scripture that is on your heart and what the Lord is telling you personally. I love that she did not give a scripture a day, because Holy Spirit will have a unique Word for each of us. The prompts for prayers and thoughts are also right on to draw you into the quite place of prayer for your family. Enjoy your time in the Lord with this prayer journal. – Karen M.

Wonderful resource to help Moms and GrandMas share intimately with God our heart’s desires, concerns & love for our little ones. – Cathy J.

What an awesome prayer journal. I love all the prompts of what to pray about. I think it is very helpful and will provide anyone with some very meaningful prayers and answers. – Rachel C.

This is a lovely journal, filled with prompts as you pray for loved ones in your life. JoDitt added an index so you can keep a log of dates and topics or people prayed for. There are pages to color interspersed through the journal, too! This is a great tool for all believers, whether you are new or seasoned in your walk with the Lord. You will be Delighted with this journal as you Delight in the Lord! – Kim S.

Not only beautiful but thoughtful and a great way to start or maintain the habit of praying for specific people. – Abbie