Coloring has been a popular pastime for decades, but it’s not just for kids anymore. In recent years, adult coloring books have taken the world by storm, providing a calming and creative outlet for grown-ups. And for those who want to combine their faith with their love of coloring, there are a plethora of Christian coloring books available. These books offer beautiful designs and meaningful scripture verses to help you relax, reflect, and easily hide God’s Word in your heart. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Christian coloring books for adults and teens, so you can find the perfect one to enhance your faith journey.

Why I think these are the best Christian coloring books for adults

I personally prefer self-published books that are created with love and care by artists who have a genuine love for Jesus, rather than mass-produced books created by large companies that are just trying to take advantage of the large demand for Christian coloring books for adults.

One such example is my own collection of coloring books for adults and teens. These books feature hand-drawn illustrations and hand-lettered scripture verses, as well as matching journal pages and a short devotional to accompany each coloring page. As an artist and a Christian, I wanted to create something that combined my passions and could be used as a tool for relaxation, reflection, and connecting with Jesus in a deeper way. I’m thrilled to share these books with you and hope that they will provide a meaningful and enjoyable coloring experience.

Christian coloring books for adults and teens by JoDitt Williams

See my entire collection of Christian coloring books for adults and teens HERE.

Best Christian Coloring Books for Adults by People I Know and Love

My absolute favorite coloring book artist and author is Karla Dornacher. Author/Artist Karla Dornacher is passionate about sharing hope, encouragement and inspiration in everything she does. I love her cute, whimsical style that comes from the overflow of Christ’s love in her. I have several of her books and they are so fun to color! I was thrilled to get to be on her launch team for Discovering Joy in Philippians.

Karla, a mostly self-taught artist, drew as a young girl and wanted to be an artist when she grew up, but put away her art supplies when she got married, and instead, channeled her creativity into being a wife, mom, gardener and keeper of her home. Karla didn’t paint her first picture until she was more than 40 years old and, being a story-teller at heart, says those early pen and ink and watercolor paintings offered the perfect way for her to creatively share the words of love, hope, and encouragement she is so passionate about.

Check out all of Karla’s beautiful books HERE.

Another of my favorite coloring book artists is Jana Kennedy-Spicer. She is a fellow Texan, and is just as lovely in person as her books are. One of my favorite books of hers is Garden of Life: A Soul Inspired Color Book. Jana’s hand-lettering is absolutely gorgeous!

best Christian coloring books for adults - Sweet to the Soul

Inspirational Scripture and encouraging quotes are featured on each page through beautifully hand-drawn artwork. Be inspired as you spend time reflecting on scripture as well as enjoying the calming and refreshing benefits of coloring.
Inside you’ll find a variety of designs, including full-page scripture designs, bookmarks, Bible Journaling templates, note cards, and tags which can be used to create custom cards and gift tags.

Like myself, Jana publishes monthly topical Bible reading plans. Check them out at her ministry blog at sweettothesoul.com.

I am now helping other women create beautiful and unique Christian coloring books for women. I am proud to showcase Karen McMullin’s first-ever book, Loving One Another God’s Way. 

Loving Others God’s Way,” a devotional coloring book designed to help you relax, unwind, and focus on the Word of God. This coloring book is intended to provide you with a peaceful space to reflect on God’s Ways.

Karen McMullin has become a treasured friend to me. She is the real deal. Karen is a seasoned Bible teacher with over four decades of experience leading women’s Bible Studies. Since 1993, she has served as a devoted assistant to her husband, who is the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Fellowship Church, where she has played a pivotal role in various aspects of the church’s ministry. Inspired by the call of God,

Karen has now ventured into the online world, where she works as a Creativepreneur and Life Coach. Her passion is helping mothers of adult children navigate the challenges of their children’s life choices and guiding them on how to pray effectively for their loved ones. Karen’s wisdom, compassion, and deep understanding of spiritual matters have made her a sought-after speaker, mentor, and trusted advisor to many. Connect with Karen at karen-mcmullin.com.

Another trusted friend and creator of a plethora of books is Lana Wynn Scroggins. Check out her coloring book on Kindness:

Lana is the founder of Giving Jesus, a place to find inspiration, motivation, and encouraging products to help support you in the good times and the times when you need encouragement the most.

Originally from Harrison, Arkansas. Lana graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a BA degree in physical education. She worked with many families during the years as a helper and nanny for many children and has also worked as a physical education teacher at a Christian School.

Today Lana resides in a small coastal community, where she loves living by the water and walking on the beach. Her days are centered on her faith, her business, and writing her books. Her favorite pastime is coloring and creating her craft projects. Connect with Lana and check out her children’s books and more at givingjesus.com.