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I love affiliate marketing! It is so cool to get paid commissions for sharing products that I use and love, that I would share about anyway. I love that lots of brands use much of their advertising budget to reward their happy customers instead of paying an advertising agency.

If you are wondering what are some of the best affiliate programs to promote for Christian creators, whether you are an author, artist, blogger, designer, podcaster, YouTuber, or other type of creator, well, this list is for you. These are some of my favorite products and brands that I use and love, and that have good affiliate programs that make it worth while to spend time promoting.

Although not all of these companies are Christian companies, they are products or brands that operate with integrity, generosity and excellence.

Since it is almost Black Friday, I thought I would share some of my favorite Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday deals to promote first.

Tools I Use to Run My Biz:

NOTE: This blog post contains affiliate links and I will earn commissions if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my affiliate links. 


I love using Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram marketing. And they keep adding more cool features all the time!!!

Try Tailwind today.

Sign up for Tailwind affilate program on Or Grab the Tailwind deal for yourself, then ask customer support about joining their affiliate program. You are more likely to get approved that way. They even have a forever free plan.

Creative Market

Unlock your boldest ideas with deals on unique design assets, up to 50% off!
Shop the top-rated assets loved by design pros in Creative Market’s Cyber Sale.

Sign up for Creative Market affiliate program on

Blick Art Materials
See the latest deals

Sign up for Blick Art Materials affiliate program on


Rakuten is one of the easiest programs to promote, and everyone, not just people in your niche can benefit from it. Because, they basically pay you to shop at your favorite stores. I love getting cash back everytime I book a hotel room to go visit our extended families, or when I buy my favorite makeup or hair products… which I am going to buy anyways. So why not get cash back?

Plus, when you refer others who sign up for Rakuten, you get paid a cash reward. Until December 1st, you can get $40 for each referral, after they spend $40. And they get a $40 reward too! It’s a win-win-win!!!


Get access to graphics, fonts, classes and more! This is an amazing deal!

Evergreen Promotions:

Raising Royalty

Raising Royalty makes it super easy to promote because you can promote their amazing ebooks (my favorite is the Science of Dreams), courses and live challenge that are free! Then they do the follow up to sign up people for their higher level coaching programs, like the Inner Circle. And you learn a lot in the process, and get to hang out with amazing faith-filled people from all around the world. You can also promote their free Raising Royalty platform – the world’s largest FREE online Christian video library. Inner Circle members can get over 50% commission rates, so it only takes a couple of sales to make a big profit!


This is where I buy all my domains.
Save up to 83% on Domain & Shared Hosting bundle

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