How to Write an Inspiring Book Review for Our Creative Christian Community

Writing a book review for a non-fiction book, workbook, planner, or guided journal can be a delightful way to share your insights and inspire others in our creative Christian community. Whether you’re new to reviewing or looking to refine your skills, this guide will help you craft thoughtful and impactful reviews that encourage and uplift.

Customer review of Delight in the Word of God book by JoDitt

Why Leave a Book Review on Amazon? ✍️

Sharing your thoughts on a book does more than just express your opinion—it can solidify your own understanding and profoundly impact those who read it. Read more about the Power of Review and Reflection: Keys to Spiritual Growth HERE.

When you leave a book review, you:

  • Illuminate Your Insights: Sharing what you’ve learned can provide fresh perspectives for both yourself and others.
  • Encourage Fellow Believers and Creatives: Your words can motivate others to explore their faith and creativity more deeply.
  • Support the Author: Leaving a book review is a great way to support authors without having to spend extra $$$! (The reviews I receive on my books mean so much to me, give me motivation to keep going, and also give me ideas for future books.) Furthermore, the amount and quality of reviews are an important component in Amazon’s algorithm and can boost sales of the book quite significantly.

Imagine your review as a 🌟 beacon of light guiding others toward resources that could enrich their spiritual journey and creative endeavors. 

Customer review of Lamb of God Bible Study about Jesus book

Preparing to Write Your Book Review 📝

Before diving into writing, it’s essential to prepare:

  • Praying for Guidance and Clarity: Begin with prayer. Ask God to give you wisdom and clarity as you reflect on the book.
  • Taking Notes While Reading: Jot down key points, quotes, and personal reflections as you go through the book. These notes will be invaluable when structuring your review.
  • Reflecting on the Book’s Impact: Take a moment to consider how the book has touched your heart and spirit. How has it influenced your faith, creativity, or perspective? This reflection will help you convey the book’s deeper significance in your review.

Structuring Your Book Review 📚

A well-structured review is both informative and engaging.

Here’s how to organize yours:
—>>> Pssst!!! Want a shortcut? Grab my Book Review Template. All you need to do is fill in the blanks! It makes it so quick and easy to leave a book review on Amazon. (Coming soon.)

  1. 📘 Purpose: Why did you want this book? And what did you hope to benefit from it?
  2. ✅ Evaluation: How did it help you? (E.g.: Share how the book resonated with you spiritually and creatively. Did it inspire new ideas? Strengthen your faith?)
  3. 🌟 Highlighting Favorite Features : Every good book has standout elements:
    • Unique Elements: Identify features like prompts, artwork, or layout that made an impression on you.
    • Enhanced Experience: Explain how these features enriched your reading experience.
    • For example, if a workbook included beautiful hand-lettering prompts that sparked joy in Scripture study, highlight that!
  4. 💬 Constructive Criticism : (optional):
    • Suggestions for Improvement: What change could make the book even more helpful or valuable to you?
    • Balancing Praise with Feedback: Ensure your criticism is constructive by balancing it with praise for what was done well.
    • Be Respectful: Remember, the goal is to provide feedback that helps authors grow while maintaining respect for their work. If you have any major issues with the content or structure of the book, it is best to send that to the author in a private email.
  5. ❤️ Conclusion & Recommendation : Wrap up your review with a summary of your overall impression:
    • Summarizing Your Thoughts: Concisely restate what stood out most about the book.
    • Who Might Benefit: Recommend who would find this book most beneficial—whether it’s new believers, seasoned creatives, or anyone in between.
    • Reveal Your Reasons: Your conclusion should leave readers with a clear understanding of why they might want to pick up this book.
  6.  ❌ What NOT to include : things that are not related to the content of the book
    • Details about shipping times or condition of book upon arrival (like bent pages or scratches on the cover.) These have nothing to do with the book. If a book is published through Amazon KDP, it is printed and shipped by Amazon and the author has no control over these things. For other sellers, this type of info can be left on the seller’s review page. If your book arrived in an unsatisfactory condition, simply request a refund or exchange via Amazon.
    • Details about print quality. If your book happens to include pages that do not belong, or is missing pages, simply request a refund or exchange.
    • Any mention of your relationship to the author (i.e. “I’m Bill’s mom…sister…friend…neighbor…etc”) It is fine for these people to review the book…just don’t put it in the review itself.

Posting Your Book Review Online 🌐

Once you’ve crafted your review, it’s time to share it with the world!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Leave a Book Review on Amazon:

1. Go to the product listing page for the book you want to review. Find it quickly by searching in “My Orders” if you purchased it on Amazon. (If you want to review one of my books, you can quickly find links to all my books HERE.)
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Customer Reviews section and click on the “Write a Customer Review” button.

pic of customer reviews section
3. You will first need to give the book a ⭐️ star rating. (Only consider the content of the book, not shipping, bent pages, etc.) 
4. Then you will be asked for a headline. Write a short phrase that summarizes the most important thing you want readers of this review to know about the book.
5. Next you will have the option to add a photo or video. While this is totally optional, it makes the review much more valuable because after all… a picture is worth a thousand words, right?
6. Finally, copy-paste your review into the designated section.

Tips for Reaching a Wider Audience

  • Share links to your reviews on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Post your review on other sites, like Goodreads or other marketplaces where the book is sold.
  • Engage with other reviewers by commenting on their posts.
  • Join online communities focused on Christian books and creativity.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure that your review reaches those who will benefit from it most.

Ready to write your first review? Pick up that inspiring book you’ve just finished, follow these steps, and share your thoughts with our community! Let’s uplift each other through our words and creativity.

In writing reviews, we not only deepen our own understanding but also build bridges within our community—bridges of encouragement, inspiration, and shared faith journeys. So let’s get started! 🌟📚✍️

How to Leave a Book Review on Amazon