Co-Create a Book with Me

When reviewing all my efforts over the last 2 years, one thing really stood out to me…

Of all the products I created, of all the blogs and emails I’ve written, and of all the events I’ve hosted and offers I have released, one type of product far surpasses all the others in terms of income AND impact.

I noticed that my books that I self-published on Amazon continued selling day after day, month after month, even when I was not doing any type of active marketing.

Scripture coloring books and prayer journals by JoDitt Designs

Not only do I keep receiving income every month, but the income keeps increasing each month. (This month I had my best month ever!)
AND I keep receiving reviews and feedback about how my books are making a difference in people’s lives.


Here is a graph of my book sales from this year – which is double the sales from last year, even though I only published 2 books this year, and did very little active marketing.

One of my books has over 150 reviews. Here are just a few:



Needless to say, I plan to create and publish a lot more books in 2023!!!

But I can only create a limited amount of books, and this dark world needs a LOT more LIGHT!

I know that many women like you have a lot of light to release…

Therefore, I want to help you to create and sell impactful books on Amazon as well, so we can brighten the world together, while also increasing our income, so we can sustain our ministries and have a bigger impact.

I’m already working with a few women on a one-to-one basis to help them publish a best-selling Amazon book, but I know that not everyone is not ready for that big of a project or investment.

So I am planning to publish a few multi-author books in 2023. The first one is going to be:

Favorite Psalms Devotional Coloring Book & Journal for Women

I am looking for a few women to co-create this book with me.

Each team member will provide:

  • Scripture art coloring page of their favorite Psalm
  • and/or 1-page devotional about their favorite Psalm
  • Short bio, including website where readers can connect or purchase their other books or products or sign up for their email list

NOTE: You can choose to contribute both a coloring page AND a devotional to go with it, or you can just create one or the other and we will pair you with someone else who is only creating one thing.

In the process of publishing my books, I have learned a lot about, not just creating a beautiful book that people will love, but how to gain favor with the Amazon algorithm, so that Amazon will promote my books for me.

The last few books I have published have all hit bestseller rank on Amazon, and I plan for this book too also. When it does, that means everyone who helped create it will also become an Amazon bestselling author.

Becoming an Amazon bestselling author is one of the best ways to:

  • Gain authority. You will be part of a dynamic, spirit-filled team that is working towards the same goal… to Brighten the world and inspire others through the power of Scripture, stories and creativity.
  • Increase your visibility and presence. Being a published author will gain you credibility and help you to reach potential clients, customers and constituents.
  • Grow your list. Learn how to increase your list during the book launch process, as well as from each book sale.


In the photo above, I am holding a book that I co-authored in 2022.
(Yes, I paid to be a co-author! Totally worth it to be a part of such an amazing project which hit bestseller, and is inspiring thousands of women to bravely connect.)


And now I am reaching out bravely, to connect with you and other kingdom creativepreneurs, and to help you connect with your audience.


Members of the Kingdom Creativepreneurs Coalition are guaranteed a spot in the book.

So I am offering a special 4-month cohort for new members.

During the 4 months, you will not only have the opportunity to co-create a book with us, but you will also receive…

  • Guidance on how to create a Scripture art coloring page
  • Guidance on writing a short devotional
  • Feedback and editing
  • Behind the scenes access to everything that goes into creating, publishing and launching an Amazon bestseller
  • PDF of the book to sell as a printable or use as a lead magnet
  • Digital iPad version of the book to sell or use as lead magnet
  • Opportunity to participate in Virtual Book Tour
  • Weekly live training sessions
  • Opportunity to network with other spirit-filled, creative women
  • Guidance on how to self-publish your own book on Amazon
  • 24/7 support via chat
  • Tons of templates, tools and swipe files
  • and much more!

Your message matters… this is your sign to share it!

Most people will never get published. Or will wait years to get published by a traditional publishing house. But you can become a published author in just a few months.

Most multi-author books I’ve seen require an investment of $1000 or more, and they don’t even provide behind-the-scenes access or training of any kind.

Still, they are totally worth the investment because that is less than I make in ONE month from my books.

However, I wanted to make this a no-brainer opportunity for you.

You can join the Coalition today at the special rate of $777
(or 3 payments of $277).
This will include 4 months of membership in the Coalition.

I have a couple other options if you want to be a collaborator for the book, but don’t want to join the coalition. We can discuss these options after you submit your application.

The first to join at the pay in full rate of $777
are guaranteed to be listed as one of the first 10 authors on the Book Listing page on Amazon (only a few spots left)
(which means your name will link to your Amazon Author Page – we will show you how to set it up if you don’t have one already).

Space is limited and we will start on the book soon, so apply today!

Submit your application HERE.

Know someone else who would be a good fit for this book? You are welcome to share this page with them.



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