I am overwhelmed. A simple statement I found myself saying quite often. “I feel overwhelmed,” is something I also hear my family and friends say often. But the way we have been saying it has been in a negative way… some might even call it complaining, although I preferred to think that I was saying, “I am overwhelmed,” as a reason to ask for prayer.

But a few days ago I had a simple shift in perspective that has changed my story from negative to positive— from complaining to praising.

Here’s what happened…

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I am overwhelmed by God

I was reading my Bible study when I came across a question that really got me thinking. The question was this:

What if your destiny was to be overwhelmed by Jesus every day?

And then the next morning, I was feeling overwhelmed by my circumstances and by everything I felt like I HAD to get done that day. I was repeating that same story to myself, “I am overwhelmed.” when I felt God nudging me to, instead of hurrying and rushing about, to slow down and be still for a moment in His presence. I am so glad I did because as soon as I changed my focus to Jesus, I immediately felt overwhelmed by HIS LOVE and all that he has done for me, and as I thought about his majesty and power, faith and joy began to rise up in me. After all, I am a daughter of the King and the Most High God. He loves me with an everlasting love! Why on earth would I worry about anything?

I got this picture in my mind, so I sat down and hand-lettered what I saw in my mind.

I am overwhelmed

I believe God was telling me that I need to change my story and my confession. (Because life and death are in the power of the tongue, and because what we focus on we empower.)

So I am changing my story.

Instead of letting my circumstances overwhelm me, I am turning my focus to Jesus. And my confession and declaration is this: I am overwhelmed by God! I am overwhelmed by his love. I am overwhelmed by his presence. I am overwhelmed by his grace and mercy. I am overwhelmed by his promises and his awesomeness.

So that is why the theme for the Delight in the Word Challenge this month (November) is:


Delight in the Word Challenge - November 2018 - I am overwhelmed by God

I’m changing it up a bit this month and giving you a Scripture for each day.

However, DO NOT  let this overwhelm you.

The challenge is not to read or journal ALL the Scriptures. The challenge is to DELIGHT in The Word and to delight in Jesus, who is the living Word of God, whether that means reading and meditating on ONE Scripture for the month, one Scripture each week, or reading one each day, or whatever works for YOU.

So who else is changing their story this month… from being overwhelmed by circumstances, to being overwhelmed by God?

My prayer for you is that you will be completely, totally, amazingly overwhelmed by God this month.

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Here is the coloring page and journal page that I showed in the video above.

Be still coloring page by JoDitt Designs

These are pages from my Delight in the Word of God devotional coloring book/journal for adults. They will be available to all members of the Delight in the Word Club this month.

Furthermore, if you watched the video, you know that I announced that members of the Delight of the Word Club at the $10/month and $25/month level will also receive the ENTIRE PDF printable version of the Delight in the Word coloring book.

Click HERE to learn more about the Delight in the Word Club. Now is a great time to join! Because I plan to overwhelm my club members with goodies this month.

See more pages of the Delight in the Word coloring book HERE.

Delight in the Word coloring book by JoDitt Designs


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