Do you struggle to understand the Bible? Do you think that only Bible scholars can truly comprehend the messages in the Bible? I used to feel that way, but have discovered a secret of how to understand the Bible better.

The secret of how to understand the Bible is really not a secret and is actually quite simple…

In order to learn how to understand the Bible better, you can simply ask God to give you revelation (open your eyes.)

Psalm 119:18 says: Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions. (NLT)

After I began praying this Scripture each time before I did my daily Bible reading, I was surprised at how much easier the Bible was to understand.

Psalm 119:18 is the Scripture we are feasting on March 7-10 in the Delight in the Word challenge.

The theme for the March Delight in the Word challenge is Fast from Negativity; Feast on God’s Promises. So at the same time that we are feasting on this Scripture, we are fasting from the following thoughts and ones similar:

  • I don’t understand the Bible.
  • The Bible is too hard to understand.
  • The Bible is too boring.
  • I’m not smart enough to understand the Bible.

Here is a lockscreen I made for you to help you hide this Bible verse in your heart.

How to Understand the Bible Better Psalm119-18

Download it and save it to your phone as your lockscreen. Or print it out and put it somewhere where you will see it often. Or use it as a bookmark in your Bible.

I like to pray this Bible verse each day before I do my daily Bible reading/studying. It is so exciting when God opens your eyes and you “see” things you never saw before, even though you have read a verse many times before.

If there is a verse you don’t understand, ask God to give you revelation. It is his joy to do so! 🙂

Knowing how to understand the Bible does not depend on your IQ, but on your relationship with the Living Word of God, which is Jesus.

I dive into this concept in more detail in my blog post, Are You Making This Bible Study Mistake.

Download the schedule for the March Delight in the Word challenge HERE.


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