If you are looking for a fun, easy, and profitable way to reach a huge audience of iPad and Apple Pencil owners, apply NOW to speak at the Dare to Draw Digitally virtual summit!

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A few months ago I invested in an iPad and Apple Pencil… to simplify my art creation workflow.

However, learning to use this plain white pencil has not only changed the way I create art, but has also changed the way I plan, organize, take notes, track habits, improve my lettering skills, do scrapbooking, meal planning, Bible study, prayer journaling, and more.

In short, it has changed my life!!!

That is why I am hosting this virtual summit…

To inspire others with the possibilities a tablet & stylus can open up for them.

If your life has also been changed for the better by using a tablet & stylus…

I invite you to join me in inspiring others! Apply Now!