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Hey fellow creatives…

If you want more JOY and ACCELERATION in your creative business or ministry, be sure to check out this free training by Pedro Adao. I am learning so much myself, and would love to go on this journey together, growing in the prophetic, as well as growing in business.

Earlier this year I kept hearing about Pedro Adao and kept seeing his ads about 100X in my Facebook feed. At first I just ignored it. But then I began to notice that several of the words that he used over and over were the same words that God had given me at the beginning of the year to be my words and themes of the year.

Pedro and Shawn

So when I found out that they were having a conference in Dallas, just 2 hours away from my house, I knew I had to go.

And I am so glad I did!!!!

It was the most amazing conference I have ever attended. It combined cutting-edge teaching on entrepreneurship with teaching on the Kingdom of God, and powerful prophetic experiences. WOW!!!

None of this stuff is being taught (or caught) at other conferences!

Joy, Alignment & Acceleration

That is how I can best describe what I have experienced since the conference.

I’m so sorry you missed it.

However, you can still get in on the amazingness of 100X.

This month (June 2019), 100X Academy is celebrating their 1 year anniversary by offering 3 days of LIVE Special Training on “Kingdom Keys For Seven Figure Success As A Kingdom Entrepreneur“. The training starts Wednesday, June 26th.

Sign up for this FREE training HERE.

(and learn how you could win a brand new JEEP!)

*While this training is free, the links in this post are affiliate links. If you end up purchasing from 100X in the future, I might receive a small commission.

The Masterclass begins Wednesday, June 26th. Sign up NOW and…

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