I never wanted to be a blogger or decided, I’m going to become a blogger. In fact, until recently, I never considered myself a blogger. Blogging was just something I did because I was told I needed to have a blog in order to grow my business. Then I went to a blogging conference for Christian Women Bloggers and met a lot of really amazing Christian Women Bloggers. And I learned that there was a whole lot more to blogging than I realized and began to understand why I wasn’t having the success I wanted.

It wasn’t until I actually began to invest in learning from successful Christian women bloggers that my blog and business began to grow. I loved the fact that the women I met at Declare Conference (see my summary of it here) were not only friendly, but were also very generous with their blogging and business knowledge. I’ve attended Declare Conference two years in a row now and learned so much and made many new friends. I’ve learned a lot from other resources as well. And now I want to be generous with my knowledge and wisdom. That’s why I am creating a “Blog & Biz Tips & Tools” page on my website.

On that page you will find a list of my favorite tools for Christian women bloggers (like BoardBooster and Convertkit and Dropbox).

I will also be revealing my top tips for Christian women bloggers, like:

Tip#1: Don’t go it alone!

Blogging and/or running an online business can get very lonely and it can be easy to feel isolated. That’s why I recommend that you find a community of like-minded bloggers and then become very active in the community. You will only get out of it as much effort as you put into it. I love the Declare Conference community. You can learn more about them at: DeclareConference.com

I also love the iBloom community. I know that I would not be where I am today and would probably not have had the courage to release my NEW Scripture Coloring Book/Journal for Adults if it were not for the support and wisdom and prayers I receive from being a member of the iBloom Inner Circle.

Tip#2: Focus on just ONE thing at a time!

Don’t feel like you have to be on every social media platform, especially when you are first starting out. And don’t feel like you need to learn (or do) everything at once. For instance, this year my focus has been on building my audience. Therefore, I limited my activity and my learning to only those things that relate to building an audience. I didn’t attend webinars on how to create facebook ads to bring in more sales, or purchase courses on how to create an online course, etc. And staying focused helped me go from less than 200 to more than 1700 email subscribers in about 6 months (adding over 700 just this month.) And from less than one thousand pageviews/month to over ten thousand.

The resources that helped me the most are:


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