Are you trying to figure out which is the best Journaling Bible?

There are so many journaling Bibles on the market now, that it is hard to say which is best. Plus, you may prefer KJV, whereas someone else might prefer ESV. Maybe you are new at Bible journaling and would like to get started with a journaling Bible that already contains some illustrations and all you have to do is color them. Or maybe you have been Bible journaling awhile and would like to have more space for illustrations and journaling.

I honestly cannot tell you which journaling Bible is the best for you. However, I can show you what I use and what is available. There are a lot more journaling Bibles available now than when I got mine.

The journaling Bible I have is an ESV Single Column Journaling Bible by Crossway. It is similar to the aqua one below, only mine is brown. Crossway now offers quite a few different cover options, including lovely fabric-covered hard back Bibles as well as real leather covers.
.   . .   .  

You can see a couple of photos of my journaling Bible below. I would definitely recommend this Bible for Bible journaling. It has about 2″ wide margins on every page. The margins are lined, but the lines are quite faint, so you can use them to actually write normal notes, or to help keep larger hand-lettering straight. The text in this journaling Bible is quite small. If that is an issue for you, you might consider the large print journaling Bible.

My journaling Bible .    My journaling Bible - first entry

Interleaved Journaling Bible

Another journaling Bible I would personally love to have is an interleaved edition, like the ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition that is now on available on Patterned after the Bible that 18th-century preacher and theologian Jonathan Edwards used to record more than 5,000 notes about God’s Word, this edition includes a full, blank page next to every page of Bible text. Created for Bible readers looking for as much space as possible for sermon notes, personal reflections, prayers, or artwork, this edition features cream-colored paper and a durable binding to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

Creative / Illustrated Journaling Bibles

If you would prefer a journaling Bible that already contains some illustrations in it for you to color, Amazon has those too! I would personally love to get The Message version listed below, as I think the lovely, contemporary language of The Message Bible would inspire new revelations and creativity.

   .    . . . . . . .

Journaling Bible for Little Girls

Here’s a couple of cute Journaling Bibles for little girls that are super cute!

. .

Remember, which Bible you have is not near as important as WHO you know. Whatever Bible you use, remember that JESUS is the Living Word of God. Be sure to interact with Jesus as you are reading and studying your Bible and He will make it come alive to you! (Read more on this subject: Are You Making This Bible Study Mistake?)

Whatever Bible you use, whether it is a journaling Bible or not, I pray that you fall absolutely, head over heels, in love with The Word of God!

Guides on how to do Bible Journaling

I would highly recommend you check out the Complete Guide to Bible Journaling: Creative Techniques to Express Your Faith. World renowned artist Joanne Fink, and her talented co-author Regina Yoder, explain the basics of this beautiful art form that connects faith with creativity. This book will help you to learn about the wonderfully fulfilling benefits of Bible Journaling, and get helpful advice on choosing scripture and the types of Bibles and journals to use. It also shows you how-to-do a variety of techniques which will allow you to express your faith in a creative manner. The how-to-section covers lettering, drawing, coloring, painting, embellishing with stamps, stickers and stencils, and so much more! Some of the worlds’ leading Bible Journaling artists provide colorful examples and inspiration, including Shanna Noel, Rebekah R Jones, Valerie Wieners-Massie, Karla Dornacher, and many more. PLUS, this book also includes 400+ stickers, templates, tabs and more!!! It’s an amazing deal!

Adventures_in_Bible_Journaling_@2xAnother great guide for Bible Journaling is: Adventures in Bible Journaling: An Extensive Beginners Guide to Art and Bible Journaling by Bethany Floyd. It normally sells for $12.97, but this week only, you can get it as part of The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

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Here are some of my favorite items from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle that will help you delight in The Word of God:

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Whatever kind of Bible or resources you use, I pray that you would fall more and more in love with The Word of God every day!



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Which is the best journaling Bible


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